The Rationale for SCRM Analytics

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Ed. note: This is part of a series of excerpts from The Social Customer, the new guide to social customer acquisition, monetization, and retention by Adam Metz. For the first entry, go here. This installment begins Chapter 11: Metrics and Rationale. Adam begins to explain how to interpret your organization's needs for… More»

The Purple Sweater Problem: Social Supply Re-Allocation

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DYNAMIC SOCIAL SUPPLY REALLOCATION (NUMBER 11) What Is It? This is where we begin to explore the notion of the “social supply chain.” The idea is that brands will be able to reallocate products that are in the supply chain, dynamically, based on customer conversations on the social Web. I call it the… More»

The Five Ms of Social CRM, Part 2

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To find the first part of this post, check out yesterday's post. Middleware Brands use middleware to automate work flows and apply business rules to events from the social Web. Also, if your brand wants to make things happen (book events, process returns) across multiple systems, middleware is going to be a… More»

SugarCon 2010: The Wrap-Up - Big SocialCRM, Stolen iPads and Good Vibes

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I’ve been attending CRM conferences for three years, but I’m hardly a veteran in the space. I was, however, introduced to SugarCRM very early on by one of my very first consulting clients, Fred Schoeneman, over at Elmwood Realty & Investments , in Berkeley. What sold Fred on the product… More»

Social ERP: What is it?

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I was sitting in front of Stacks, a Burlingame, California pancake house, this past Sunday morning, with my dad. We were talking about the notion of social enterprise resource planning, and what it might look like. He works for a big solar company that sells solar facilities to gigantic businesses… More»

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