Stuff That's Inexplicably Missing From Spotify: A Top 8

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1. London Calling - The Clash 2. The Title track from 2112 - Rush 3. The following artists/bands: Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, The Eagles, The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Man,  4. Trout Mask Replica - Captain Beefheart 5. Any classic rock song over 11:00 long 6. Any good stuff by former Beatles (George Harrison, John Lennon) 7.… More»

The Death of "Life Coaching"

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Over the years, I've been lucky enough to avail myself of some of the best coaches around. Among the people that have advised me are my Dad (a 25+ year management consulting veteran), Marty Nemko (probably the best career coach around) and Steven Kiefel (CEO of RHC Software and a… More»

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