Why The Blog Will Be Very Quiet Until June

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We’re working on two books and a website refresh right now, and we just took on some new clients, and we’re about to bring on a few more. We’ll try to post good stuff, or excerpts from the book, about once every week or two. Sorry blog-land: the books… More»

Sales 2.0 Chat: Miller Heiman's Richard Blakeman on Strategic Selling & The Social Customer

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“The behavior that [a consumer brand like] Abercrombie wants is ‘who’s gonna want it where, by when’ If [they] don’t have that framework, then all of the social data is noise.” – Rich Blakeman, Miller Heiman About a year ago, I lost a consulting bid proposal that I made to a… More»

Sales 2.0 Chat: Salesforce's Brett Queener On How SMEs Might Have To Embrace Social Cust Mgmt

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bq. "If you have a screwed-up customer process and you deploy Salesforce, all you do is screw your customers _faster_," he said. Brett Queener is, admittedly, not the "guru" of social customer relationship management at Salesforce. He bestows that title on SVP Product Marketing Kraig Swensrud and "Chuck Ganapathi":http://www.linkedin.com/in/chuckganapathi… More»

Sales 2.0 Day Two: The Notion Of Social Enablement

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“Sales 2.0 is still reactive – we need to go into a proactive mode.” – Gerhard Gschwandtner, Selling Power. The Sales 2.0 Conference kicked off its second and final day at the Four Seasons San Francisco today, with a rock-solid keynote by OracleCRM’s Mark Woollen . I’ve packed my Sales 2.0… More»

What To Read Before You Hit The (Sold Out!) Sales 2.0 Conference Tomorrow

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I’m about to head to Chinatown for an afternoon of chilling and reading, but before I take off, I wanted to share a quick reading list for what you’ll want to digest before heading over to the Sales 2.0 conference. If you can’t print out and read these bad boys… More»

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