Why Your Brand Is Not Lady Gaga

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It’s understandable. Lady Gaga is probably the biggest, most individual pop star in a generation (previous reference points are Prince, Madonna and Bowie). Maybe your brand has some good qualities, and wants to be like her. Maybe your brand is not selling any kind of “cool,” and doesn’t really care.… More»

Walgreens Prepping To Compete With Big Grocery Stores, Sell Fresh Food

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According to Bloomberg, it looks like Walgreen Co. is chatting up food manufacturers like Unilever, Nestle and Sara Lee – to white-label and also sell at Walgreens stores. “Everyone is time-starved and we have the most convenient 7,000 locations in the US,” Bryan Pugh, the company’s vice president of merchandising,… More»

Possibly The First iPad Commercial?

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From Techcrunch…..

Why 1200 Meeting Planners Want To Dance On A Volcano

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Last Thursday, I gave my first double-Keynote, ever. I’ll spoke at Moscone West in San Francisco at Meeting Planners International’s (MPINCC) Annual Conference, Do The Hustle. I’m giving two talks, “Socializing the Sale: How to Never Cold-Call Again” and “Dance on a Volcano: How to Drive Millions in Revenue from… More»

Why Would You Want To Do Work In "Social Media" Today?

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Three and a half years ago, when I began my first consulting firm, I just wanted to do it as an experiment, just to see if I could make money doing what I loved – advising brands on how to make money using social technologies. Mind, this was the old… More»

Why We're Getting Certified By Salesforce

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Yes, you read that right. Next week, I'm going down to Salesforce's San Mateo office for the week to take my "ADM201":http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=2&ved=0CBQQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.salesforce.com%2Fassets%2Fpdf%2Fdatasheets%2FDS_ADM201.pdf&ei=j59US_DWOZOuswPA4MH-Bw&usg=AFQjCNFG5tV116Cvcs5rOE0-CPFvvHWGUw&sig2=es4WXjf9HBP0ldSj-dzRAQ training course and exam. The reason we're doing this is simple. Most of our clients are in the $100-$500M range, and we typically work with medium-sized consumer brands.… More»

Making Money In The Gourmet Food Industry With Social Media

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There was one vertical market that was a real bright spot in the recession last year - gourmet food. Although the '08-'09 recession casualties included Gourmet Magazine and a handful of smaller gourmet food brands, overall, gourmet food (especially the types that are prepared at home), tend to do really… More»

Interview: The Social Customer's Mark Lazen

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While SocialMediaToday launched a couple of years ago, never before has there been a site or a portal/aggregator explicitly dedicated to improving the knowledge base on social customer relationship management. Although a few great blogs have tackled the subject (Chris Carfi’s Social Customer Manifesto comes to mind as… More»

The social concept Partners With Top Provider of Facebook Pages to Create Value for Clients in 2010

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*Socialbees, a Seattle-Based Facebook Services Firm, Becomes Exclusive Partner for the social concept Clients' Implementations on Facebook* SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (Marketwire - January 19, 2010) - the social concept, the leading social customer management and social media strategy consulting firm for consumer brands, announced that it is forming… More»

Awesome WEBINAR 1/28: The Future of Customer Service

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Although the social concept doesn't have any webinars scheduled until March, there's a great one coming up late next week. (I'll be in meetings with Salesforce all week, but I'm definitely going to sneak out for this one!) "The Social Customer":http://thesocialcustomer.com/ is presenting a webinar on The… More»

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